FAQ Vids

1. What is the difference between a Holistic Chiropractor and a Regular Chiropractor?

Dr. James speaks about the differences between holistic and traditional chiropractic work. There are very few holistic chiropractors who combine both the western and easter traditions of medicine into one practice. Dr. James explains what differences there are and how each tradition addresses patient needs.

2. How did you go from being a traditional Chiropractor to a Holistic Chiropractor? What changed your view?

Dr. James talks about his path to holistic chiropractic medicine

3. Why are your offices located in Dental Centers? Is there a connection between our teeth and overall health?

4. What is different about coming to your office as compared to a tradtional Chiropractic office? 

5. Due to your unique practice, are you able to help patients other modalities are not?

6. What are meridian routes, how do they affect us?

7. How confident are you at diagnosing patients?

8. What are most common issues you find in todays society?

9. How can we strengthen our immune systems?

10. What is the most important thing to remember in healing ourselves?